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Series Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by Series.

Public Constructors

Name Description
Public Constructor
static  | Shared in VB</div>
Series Initializes a new instance of the Series with default parameters.

Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method
beginUpdate Stops the cell from being refreshed when changes are applied. This is useful to increase the control rendering efficiency.
Public Method EndUpdate Refreshes the control to include all the changes made after using the BeginUpdate method.
Public Method invalidate Redraws the series.
Public Method onInvertChanged Notifies the instance of the series that the invert property has changed.

Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property
automation Gets the AnnAutomation associated with the series.
Public Property borderThickness Indicates the border size of the sub-cell.
Public Property exploded Specifies whether the cell should be exploded to cover the entire layout, or restored to original state.
Public Property FrameOfReferenceUID Gets or sets the series frame of references UID.
Public Property highlightedSubCellBorderColor The border color of the highlighted sub-cell.
Public Property Inverted Indicates whether the series is inverted.
Public Property Name Name of this item.
Public Property PatientName Gets or sets the Patient name of the series loaded in the cell.
Public Property selectedBorderColor Indicates the border color of the series when selected.
Public Property selectedSubCellBorderColor Indicates the sub-cell's color when the parent cell is selected.
Public Property SeriesInstanceUID Gets or sets the series instance UID of the series loaded in the cell.
Public Property SeriesNumber Gets or sets the series number that is loaded inside this cell.
Public Property ShowFrameBorder Indicates whether to show a border around each sub-cell.
Public Property StudyInstanceUID Gets or sets the study instance UID of the cell
Public Property unselectedBorderColor Indicates the cell's color when unselected.

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