enableSynchronization Property


Gets or sets a value that determines whether series with the same FrameOfreferenceUID should be synchronized together.

Object.defineProperty(MedicalViewer.prototype, 'enableSynchronization', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
enableSynchronization: boolean; 

Property Value

true to enable the series with the same FrameOfreferenceUID to be synchronized together, false otherwise.


Series Synchronization means if 2 or more series have the same FrameOfreferenceUID, then if one scrolls to a certain frame, the other will scroll as well to a frame that have the same or similar Image position and orientation.

The frames position and orientation must be set in order for series synchronization to work properly, those values can be set through the properties ImagePosition, ImageOrientation.

To set the FrameOfReferenceUID, refer to FrameOfReferenceUID.


Target Platforms

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