automationDataProvider Property


Gets or sets the data provider to use for getting and setting image data.

Object.defineProperty(AutomationImageViewer.prototype, 'automationDataProvider', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
automationDataProvider: AnnDataProvider; 

Property Value

The AnnDataProvider object used when getting and setting image data.


The automation object will get the value of this property and check against null and read/write support (through AnnDataProvider.CanRead and AnnDataProvider.CanWrite) to determine whether operations that require manipulating the pixel data of the image are available. These include:

If the value of AutomationDataProvider is null, these operations cannot be run from the automation and the "Can" properties will return false.

Annotation applications that support these operations must create an instance of a class that derives from AnnDataProvider and set it in AutomationDataProvider. The example projects listed in IAnnAutomationControl all have an implementation of this class that supports reading/write pixel data from an image object. The JavaScript example project contains an implementation that reads and writes the image pixel data using the ImageViewer canvas or a web service.


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