ChunkData Object


Represents the class that contains the data and information about the chunk that is used to tile together with other tiles to form the whole image.

function lt.Controls.Medical.ChunkData 
class lt.Controls.Medical.ChunkData() 


The medical viewer has the capability to load any image or any size (up to 1-TB or more). This is done by using (tiling and low resolution version) which will only render the area that you see from the image, and if the user zooms out to show the whole image, a low resolution version is rendered. This will prevent loading a very large amount of data in order to display the image.

The area that is visible to the user is created by using tiles (Chunks) that are stitched to form the final image, if the user changes the location of the displayed area, the viewer will download the tiles that represents the new area and stitch them together to form the image, while the tiles (chunks) are downloading, the low res version LowResImage fills the empty area that the tiles are supposed to fill after getting downloaded.

The class ChunkData also represents the background low res image (if one found) that will be rendered if the tiles (chunks) are not downloaded yet.


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