MRTISubCell Object


This class represent the MRTI sub-cell that is used to display an image frame along with their accessories (annotation, overlay text, border...etc), using the MRTI technology.

function lt.Controls.Medical.MRTISubCell 
	extends lt.Controls.Medical.SubCell 
class lt.Controls.Medical.MRTISubCell() 
	extends SubCell 


To add this to the cell, refer to Items property.

The user can have any number of sub-cells inside the cell and can also set the cell to arrange the sub-cells automatically, refer to GridLayout.

The MRTI is a technique that is used to allow the user to render a very large image without downloading too much data.

for the MRTI to work, you have to have a frame that contains MRTI Info, refer to MRTIImage.


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