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Cell3D Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by Cell3D.

Public Constructors

Name Description
Public Constructor
static  | Shared in VB</div>
Cell3D Initializes a new 3D Cell class object with explicit parameters (reserved for future use).

Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method
benchmark Runs a test animation benchmark for the 3D cell.
Public Method static  | Shared in VB canDo3D Returns an MPRStatus enumeration value that represents the cell eligibility to create a 3D volume.
Public Method dispose Releases all resources used by the specified item.
Public Method endUpdate Refreshes the control to include the changes made after using the BeginUpdate method.
Public Method GetResizeValue Retrieves the current resize value that is used to render the 3D image.
Public Method Invalidate Redraws the cell.
Public Method onInvertChanged Notifies the instance that the invert property has changed.
Public Method OnSizeChanged Overrides Control.OnSizeChanged.
Public Method Refresh Refreshes the Cell3D object and fires Request3Ddata to retrieve a new image.
Public Method reset Resets all the Cell3D's parameters to their default values.
Public Method start Starts the 3D engine.
Public Method UpdateView Requests a frame from the server that is up to date.
Public Method updateWindowLevelValues Updates the volume's window level value by firing Request3Ddata to the server.

Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property
actions Gets a list of actions for the 3D cell
Public Property defaultWindowLevelCenter Gets the default window level's center value.
Public Property defaultWindowLevelWidth Gets the default window level's width value.
Public Property FrameOfReferenceUID Gets or sets the series frame of references UID.
Public Property image The element that will hold the output 3D rendered image.
Public Property information The DICOM image information needed by the window level.
Public Property jSON The JSON file containing the dataset information for the frame's loaded image.
Public Property mPR Contains the MPR volume properties.
Public Property Name Name of this item.
Public Property orientation The 3D object's OrientationFace.
Public Property overlayTextVisible Indicates whether to show or hide the overlay text in the cell.
Public Property progress Progress value for the 3D volume generation process.
Public Property projection Projection on the screen of the 3D volume.
Public Property referenceCell Reference Cell that contains the 2D slices of the 3D volume.
Public Property ResizeFactor gets or sets the value that determine the resolution of the image when moving the object using the touch or the mouse button.
Public Property sensitivity Indicates the percentage value of the mouse sensitivity.
Public Property SeriesInstanceUID Gets or sets the series instance UID of the series loaded in the cell.
Public Property showRotationCube Indicates whether to show the rotation cube at the bottom right corner.
Public Property showVolumeBorder Indicates whether to show the volume's borders.
Public Property StudyInstanceUID Gets or sets the study instance UID of the cell.
Public Property URL Gets or sets the string that represents the URI to fitch a 2D image that contains the 3D volume.
Public Property volume Gets the class that contains properties for the 3D object's VRT/MIP volume.
Public Property volumeReady Indicates whether the object has been created.
Public Property VolumeType Gets or sets the type of the volume that is rendered.

Public Events

Name Description
Public Event
static  | Shared in VB
Request3DData Optional delegate method for additional processing.
Public Event static  | Shared in VB VolumeTypeChanged Notifies the instance that the volume type has changed.

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