Using the Imaging Common Dialogs

The Imaging Common Dialog libraries provide a set of common dialog boxes that combine Windows Common Dialog functionality with the imaging functionality contained in the LEADTOOLS toolkits. For a list of required DLL's, refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application. Imaging Common Dialogs are provided for numerous image processing, effects and filtering functions. These libraries include the following features:

These dialogs provide input parameters needed for the many LEADTOOLS imaging functions. The following list gives the name of the function that displays the dialog on the left and the image processing function associated with it on the right, if one exists. For more information on the Image Processing functions, refer to the LEADTOOLS Main C API help file in the LEADTOOLS/HELP directory.

Display Function Related Image Processing Function
Artistic Effects
L_DlgAddBitmaps L_AddBitmaps
L_DlgAddBorder L_AddBorder
L_DlgAddFrame L_AddFrame
L_DlgAddNoise L_AddBitmapNoise
L_DlgBending L_BendingBitmap
L_DlgCylindrical L_CylindricalBitmap
L_DlgFreeHandWave L_FreeHandWaveBitmap
L_DlgImpressionist L_ImpressionistBitmap
L_DlgMosaic L_MosaicBitmap
L_DlgMotionBlur L_MotionBlurBitmap
L_DlgOilify L_OilifyBitmap
L_DlgPicturize L_PicturizeBitmap
L_DlgPixelate L_PixelateBitmap
L_DlgPolar L_PolarBitmap
L_DlgPosterize L_PosterizeBitmap
L_DlgPunch L_PunchBitmap
L_DlgRadialBlur L_RadialBlurBitmap
L_DlgRadialWave L_RadWaveBitmap
L_DlgRemoveRedeye L_RemoveRedeyeBitmap
L_DlgRipple L_RippleBitmap
L_DlgSolarize L_SolarizeBitmap
L_DlgSpherize L_SpherizeBitmap
L_DlgSwirl L_SwirlBitmap
L_DlgUnderlay L_UnderlayBitmap
L_DlgWave L_WaveBitmap
L_DlgWaveShear L_FreeHandShearBitmap
L_DlgWind L_WindBitmap
L_DlgZoomBlur L_ZoomBlurBitmap
L_DlgZoomWave L_ZoomWaveBitmap
Color Manipulation
L_DlgBalanceColors L_BalanceColors
L_DlgBrightness L_ChangeBitmapIntensity
L_DlgColoredGray L_ConvertToColoredGray
L_DlgColorRes L_ColorResBitmap
L_DlgContrast L_ChangeBitmapContrast
L_DlgGrayScale L_GrayScaleBitmap
L_DlgHalftone L_HalfToneBitmap
L_DlgHistoContrast L_HistoContrastBitmap
L_DlgHue L_ChangeBitmapHue
L_DlgIntensityDetect L_IntensityDetectBitmap
L_DlgLocalHistoEqualize L_LocalHistoEqualizeBitmap
L_DlgMultiply L_MultiplyBitmap
L_DlgRemapHue L_RemapBitmapHue
L_DlgRemapIntensity L_RemapBitmapIntensity
L_DlgSaturation L_ChangeBitmapSaturation
Document Clean up
L_DlgBorderRemove L_BorderRemoveBitmap
L_DlgDotRemove L_DotRemoveBitmap
L_DlgHolePunchRemove L_HolePunchRemoveBitmap
L_DlgInvertedText L_InvertedTextBitmap
L_DlgLineRemove L_LineRemoveBitmap
L_DlgSmooth L_SmoothBitmap
L_DlgContourFilter L_ContourFilterBitmap
L_DlgDilationFilter L_BinaryFilterBitmap
L_DlgEdgeDetector L_EdgeDetectorBitmap
L_DlgEmboss L_EmbossBitmap
L_DlgErosionFilter L_BinaryFilterBitmap
L_DlgGradientFilter L_SpatialFilterBitmap
L_DlgLaplacianFilter L_SpatialFilterBitmap
L_DlgLineSegmentFilter L_SpatialFilterBitmap
L_DlgMaxFilter L_MaxFilterBitmap
L_DlgMinFilter L_MinFilterBitmap
L_DlgPrewittFilter L_SpatialFilterBitmap
L_DlgShiftDifferenceFilter L_SpatialFilterBitmap
L_DlgSobelFilter L_SpatialFilterBitmap
Geometric Transformations
L_DlgAutoTrim L_AutoTrimBitmap
L_DlgRotate L_RotateBitmap
L_DlgShear L_ShearBitmap
L_DlgGIFWebTuner L_ColorResBitmap, L_FillBitmap, L_SaveBitmap, L_SetBitmapRgnColorRGBRange
L_DlgJPEGWebTuner L_SaveBitmap
L_DlgPNGWebTuner L_SaveBitmap
Sharpening or Blurring an Image
L_DlgAntiAlias L_AntiAliasBitmap
L_DlgAverage L_AverageFilterBitmap
L_DlgGaussianBlur L_GaussianFilterBitmap
L_DlgMedian L_MedianFilterBitmap
L_DlgSharpen L_SharpenBitmap
L_DlgUnsharpMask L_UnsharpMaskBitmap
Special Effects
L_DlgGetEffect L_EfxPaintBitmap
L_DlgGetGradient L_EfxGradientFillRect
L_DlgGetShape L_EfxDraw3dShape
L_DlgGetText L_EfxDrawRotated3dText
L_DlgGetTransition L_EfxPaintTransition

In addition to the dialog functions provided for image processing, LEADTOOLS also provides Imaging Common Dialog functions for general use and dialog maintenance. These are:

Dialog Maintenance and General Use Functions

Implementing help for LEADTOOLS dialogs is achieved by setting a pointer to a help callback function in the structure passed to the L_DlgXXX function. The callback function will be called to provide the appropriate help for the corresponding dialog if the user clicks on the Help Button. For more information concerning implementing the help callback function, refer to LTCOMMDLGHELPCB Callback Function.

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LEADTOOLS Common Dialog C API Help

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