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NetDmxSecurityMgr_Register Constants


typedef enum NetDmxSecurityMgr_Register 
   NetDmxSecurityMgr_Register_Default   = 0, 
   NetDmxSecurityMgr_Register_KeepAlive = 0x1 
} NetDmxSecurityMgr_Register; 


The NetDmxSecurityMgr_Register constants define flags for security handler registration.


Constant Description
NetDmxSecurityMgr_Register_Default [0] The security manager will not hold a reference to the security handler. The user is responsible for guaranteeing the handler is available until the registration is revoked.
NetDmxSecurityMgr_Register_KeepAlive [1] The security manager will hold a reference to the security handler until the registration is revoked.
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