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PDFSignature Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by PDFSignature.

Public Constructors

Name Description
PDFSignature Initializes a new instance of PDFSignature.

Public Methods

Name Description
Clone Returns an exact copy of this PDFSignature.

Public Properties

Name Description
Bounds The location and size of this signature in the page.
CanValidate Indicates that this signature can be validated.
CertificateInfo A dictionary of the certificate information of this signature.
KeyUsage Key usage of this signature.
PageNumber The 1-based number of the page that owns this signature.
PublicKeyBits Number of bits of the signature's public key.
PublicKeyType Public key type of this signature.
State State of the signature.
ValidFrom Starting date of when the signature is valid (issue date).
ValidTo Ending date of when the signature is valid (expiry date).
Version Signature version.

Public Fields

Name Description
CertificateInfoIssuer Issuer key
CertificateInfoIssuerStream Issuer stream key
CertificateInfoPublicKey Public key
CertificateInfoSerialNumber Serial number key
CertificateInfoSHA1Digest SHA1 digest key
CertificateInfoSubject Subject key
CertificateInfoSubjectStream Subject stream key
KeyUsageCRLSign CRL sign signature
KeyUsageDataEncipherment Data encipherment signature
KeyUsageDecipherOnly Decipher-only signature
KeyUsageDigitalSignature This is a digital signature
KeyUsageEncipherOnly Encipher-only signature
KeyUsageKeyAgreement Agreement signature
KeyUsageKeyCertSign Certificate sign signature
KeyUsageKeyEncipherment Key encipherment signature
KeyUsageNonRepudiation Non-repudiation signature
PublicKeyTypeDSA DSA public key type
PublicKeyTypeDSA1 DSA1 public key type
PublicKeyTypeDSA2 DSA2 public key type
PublicKeyTypeDSA3 DSA3 public key type
PublicKeyTypeDSA4 DSA4 public key type
PublicKeyTypeRSA RSA public key type
PublicKeyTypeRSA2 RSA2 public key type
StateInvalid State is invalid
StateUnknown State is unknown
StateValid State is valid
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