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PDFAnnotation Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by PDFAnnotation.

Protected Constructors

Name Description
Protected Constructor PDFAnnotation Initializes a new instance of a PDFAnnotation class with the specified parameters.

Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method Clone Creates an exact copy of this PDFAnnotation

Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property AnnotationType Gets the type of this annotation object.
Public Property Content Content of annotation object. This is optional.
Public Property Modified Date and time for last modification of annotation object.
Public Property ObjectBounds Gets the source bounds of this annotation.
Public Property PageNumber Page number for this annotation.
Public Property Subject Subject of this PDF annotation.
Public Property Title Title of this PDF annotation.
Public Property Transparency Transparency for this annotation.
Public Property ViewFlags The view flags associated with this PDFAnnotation object.

Public Fields

Name Description
Public Field ViewFlagsHidden Hidden view flag.
Public Field ViewFlagsInvisible Invisible view flag.
Public Field ViewFlagsLocked Locked view flag.
Public Field ViewFlagsLockedContents Locked contents view flag.
Public Field ViewFlagsNoRotate No rotate view flag.
Public Field ViewFlagsNoView No view flag.
Public Field ViewFlagsNoZoom No zoom view flag.
Public Field ViewFlagsPrint Print view flag.
Public Field ViewFlagsReadOnly Read-only view flag.
Public Field ViewFlagsToggleNoView Toggle no view flag.
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