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PDFParseDocumentStructureOptions Enumeration


Specifies options to use when parsing a PDF document structure.


public enum PDFParseDocumentStructureOptions 

Public Enum PDFParseDocumentStructureOptions  

public enum PDFParseDocumentStructureOptions 

public enum class PDFParseDocumentStructureOptions  


0x00000000None Do not parse anything.
0x00000001Bookmarks Parse the bookmarks that constitute the document's Table of Contents (TOC). This option populates the PDFDocument.Bookmarks property.
0x00000002InternalLinks Parse the internal links (or jumps) between the pages found in the document. This option populates the PDFDocument.InternalLinks property.
0x00000004Images Parse the images found in the document. This option populates the PDFDocument.Images property.
0x00000008Fonts Parse the fonts found in the document. This option populates the PDFDocument.Fonts property.
0x0000000FAll Parse bookmarks, internal links, images and fonts.

The PDFParseDocumentStructureOptions enumeration is used as the type of the options parameter passed to the PDFDocument.ParseDocumentStructure method.

The structure of PDF document is its Table of Contents (TOC) which consists of the PDFBookmark objects saved in the document and the collection of the internal links (or jumps) between the pages that are found in all the pages (PDFInternalLink objects).

When a PDFDocument object is created, the value of PDFDocument.Bookmarks and PDFDocument.InternalLinks will be initialized to null. You must call the PDFDocument.ParseDocumentStructure method to parse the items of interest (determined by the PDFParseDocumentStructureOptions passed as the options parameter to the method). This is done for performance reasons and to make it possible to parse only the objects of interest.

You can parse either the bookmarks or the internal links or both of a PDF document using the PDFDocument.ParseDocumentStructure method. When the method returns, the PDFDocument will be updated as follows:

The values of PDFParseDocumentStructureOptions can be OR'ed together.


For an example, refer to PDFDocument.ParseDocumentStructure.


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