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PDFFormField Class Fields


For a list of all members of this type, see PDFFormField members

Public Fields

Name Description
BorderStyleBeveled Beveled border style.
BorderStyleDashed Dashed border style.
BorderStyleInset Inset border style.
BorderStyleSolid Solid border style.
BorderStyleTransparent Transparent border style.
BorderStyleUnderline Underline border style.
ContentTypeCustom Content type is custom.
ContentTypeDate Content type is a date.
ContentTypeNumber Content type is a number.
ContentTypeTime Content type is a time.
ContentTypeUnrestrained Content type can be anything.
FieldFlagsButtonNoToggleToOff Button should not toggle to off state.
FieldFlagsButtonPushButton Button is a push button.
FieldFlagsButtonRadio Button is a radio button.
FieldFlagsButtonRadioInUnison Button is in a group of radio buttons (using GroupId) and only a single item should be selected at a time.
FieldFlagsChoiceCombo Choice field is a combo box.
FieldFlagsChoiceCommitOnSelectionChange Choice field should commit changes if it is modified.
FieldFlagsChoiceEdit Choice field is editable.
FieldFlagsChoiceMultiSelect Choice field supports multi-select.
FieldFlagsChoiceSort Choice field is sorted.
FieldFlagsNoExport Field cannot be exported.
FieldFlagsReadOnly Field is read-only.
FieldFlagsRequired Field is required.
FieldFlagsTextComb Text field is a combo box.
FieldFlagsTextDoNotScroll Text field should not scroll.
FieldFlagsTextDoNotSpellcheck Text field should not be spell checked.
FieldFlagsTextFileSelect Text field is a file selection.
FieldFlagsTextMultiline Text field is multi-lined.
FieldFlagsTextPassword Text field is a password.
FieldFlagsTextRichText Text field that should be edited with a rich text edit control.
FieldTypeCheckBox Check box field type.
FieldTypeComboBox Combo box field type.
FieldTypeListBox List box field type.
FieldTypeRadioButton Radio button field type.
FieldTypeTextBox Text box field type.
FillModeFilled Field is filled.
FillModeNoFill Field is not filled.
StateNotSelected The state is unselected or unchecked.
StateSelected The state is selected or checked.
StateUndefined The state is undefined or not used.
TextJustificationCentered Centered justified text.
TextJustificationLeft Left justified text.
TextJustificationRight Right justified text.
ViewFlagsHidden Field is hidden.
ViewFlagsInvisible Field is invisible.
ViewFlagsLocked Field is locked.
ViewFlagsLockedContents Field has its content locked.
ViewFlagsNoRotate Field is cannot be rotated.
ViewFlagsNoView Field has no view.
ViewFlagsNoZoom Field cannot be zoomed.
ViewFlagsPrint Field can be printed.
ViewFlagsReadOnly Field is for view only.
ViewFlagsToggleNoView Field is toggled.
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