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PDFDocument Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Bookmarks Gets the Table of Contents (TOC) of this PDF document.
DefaultResolution Default resolution in dots per inch used when creating new PDFDocument objects.
DocumentProperties Gets the properties or metadata of this PDF document.
FileName Gets the name of the PDF file associated with this PDFDocument.
FileType Gets the file type or version of this PDF document.
Fonts Gets a list of the embedded fonts of this PDFDocument.
Images Gets a list of the embedded images of this PDFDocument.
InternalLinks Gets the internal links (or jumps) between the pages of this PDF document.
IsEncrypted Gets a value that indicates whether this PDF document is encrypted.
Pages Gets the collection of pages in this PDF document.
Password Gets the password used to decrypt this PDFDocument.
Resolution Resolution, in dots per inch, of this PDF document.
SecurityOptions Gets the security and encryption options used with this PDF document.
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