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Leadtools.Pdf Introduction


LEADTOOLS PDF supports reading, viewing and saving PDF files with advanced capabilities such as extraction of text, hyperlinks, annotations, form field data, digital signatures, bookmarks, and metadata. Developers can take advantage of these properties to create dynamic PDF viewing and editing applications.

PDF File Merging and Extraction of Pages

The Leadtools.PDF.PDFFile class allows you to perform the following actions on PDF and PS files:

  • Get the PDF or PS version of a file
  • Determine whether a PDF file is encrypted and re-encrypt any PDF file
  • Get the number and size of pages in a PDF file
  • Quickly convert any PDF file to PDF/A
  • Linearize (optimize for Web viewing) any PDF file
  • Convert any PDF file from any version to another
  • Convert any Postscript file to PDF (Distilling)
  • Merge multiple existing PDF files into a single PDF file.
  • Extract, delete, insert or replace, pages from existing PDF files
  • Update the Table of Content (TOC) of existing PDF files
  • Add a digital signature to a PDF document from a PFX file.

PDF Document Object Parsing

The Leadtools.Pdf.PDFDocument class encapsulates a PDF document on disk and supports the following functionality:

  • Load the PDF document at any resolution (dots per inch).
  • Get information about any page in the PDF document such as its size in PDF page units, (inches or pixels).
  • Get information about the PDF document such as its properties; or metadata such as author, subject, keywords, whether it is encrypted and requires a password, and the PDF file type (or version).
  • Parse the document structure or Table of Contents (TOC) of a PDF document by reading the PDF bookmarks and the internal links (or jumps) between the pages.
  • Read objects found in the document such as text items(characters), images, rectangles, annotations, form fields, digital signatures, hyperlinks and fonts.
  • Get a raster image rendering or thumbnail of any page of the PDF document, at any resolution.

PDF Form Fields Support

The PDFFormField class provides the following form field support:

  • Load Forms Data Format (FDF) files.
  • Load XML Forms Architecture (XFA) files.
  • Read PDF form field information including location, type, etc.
  • Fill in PDF form fields.
  • Save PDF forms that have filled-in data.
  • Extract the data from filled-in PDF form fields. 

Supported Environments

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