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Leadtools.Pdf Namespace

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Overview and description of Leadtools Pdf classes, enumerations, and structures.

Class Description
PDFAnnotation Contains information for a single PDF annotation.
PDFDistillerOptions Provides options to use when distilling Postscript files (Convert Postscript files to PDF).
PDFDocument Encapsulates a PDF document and allows PDF pages, objects and images to be read. * PDF Capability Required.
PDFDocumentPage Contains information about a page in a PDF document.
PDFDocumentPageCollection Defines a collection of PDF document pages.
PDFDocumentProperties Contains a PDF document properties or metadata.
PDFEllipseAnnotation Contains information for a PDF ellipse annotation.
PDFFile PDF file features class. * PDF Capability Required.
PDFFormField Contains information about a single PDF form field.
PDFHighlightAnnotation Contains information for PDF highlight annotations.
PDFInitialViewOptions The PDFInitialViewOptions class provides options for controlling the initial view and actions that should be applied by external viewers when the PDF file is opened.
PDFLineAnnotation Contains information for a PDF line annotation.
PDFNoteAnnotation Contains information for a PDF note annotation.
PDFOptimizerOptions The PDFOptimizerOptions class provides options for controlling the PDFFile optimizer.
PDFPencilAnnotation Contains information for a PDF pencil annotation.
PDFPolygonAnnotation Contains information for a PDF polygon annotation.
PDFPolylineAnnotation Contains information of a PDF polyline annotation.
PDFRectangleAnnotation Contains information of a PDF rectangle annotation.
PDFSecurityOptions PDF encryption options
PDFSignature Contains information about a single PDF digital signature.
PDFSquigglyAnnotation Contains information for PDF squiggly annotations.
PDFStrikeoutAnnotation Contains information for PDF strikeout annotations.
PDFTextAnnotation Contains information of a PDF text annotation.
PDFUnderlineAnnotation Contains information for PDF underline annotations.
Structure Description
PDFBookmark Provides information about PDF bookmark properties
PDFBrush Contains information about PDF brush properties
PDFFilePage Contains information about a page in a PDF file.
PDFFont Contains the information for a PDF font.
PDFHyperlink Contains information of a single PDF hyperlink.
PDFImage The PDFImage structure describes an image embedded in the PDF file.
PDFInternalLink Provides information about the PDF internal link properties
PDFObject Contains information of a single PDF object.
PDFPen Contains information about PDF pen properties
PDFPoint Represents an x- and y-coordinate pair.
PDFRect Describes the width, height, and location of a rectangle.
PDFTextProperties Contains information about a text item in a PDF page.
Enumeration Description
PDFAnnotationType Specifies the type of PDF annotation
PDFAutoOptimizerMode Specifies the mode for automatic PDF document optimization.
PDFBookmarkStyle Specifies the PDF bookmark style
PDFCompatibilityLevel Determines which compatibility (or version) level to use when creating or updating PDF files.
PDFContentType Specifies PDF content type
PDFCoordinateType Specifies the PDF coordinate type.
PDFDistillerAutoRotatePageMode Specifies how pages are rotated when distilling Postscript files.
PDFDistillerOutputMode Specifies the Distiller output optimization mode.
PDFDownsamplingMode Specifies the downsampling mode for the PDF optimizer.
PDFEncryptionMode Specifies the PDF encryption mode
PDFFileType Specifies PDF and PS (Postscript) file type and version
PDFFontStyle Specifies the styles of a PDF font.
PDFImageType Specifies the image compression type.
PDFObjectType Specifies the PDF object type.
PDFPageFitType Specifies the PDF page fit type.
PDFPageLayoutType Specifies the PDF page layout
PDFPageModeType Specifies the PDF page mode
PDFParseDocumentStructureOptions Specifies options to use when parsing a PDF document structure.
PDFParsePagesOptions Specifies which options to use when parsing the objects of a PDF document.
PDFTextJustification Specifies the text justification.
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