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PDFFormField Class Properties


For a list of all members of this type, see PDFFormField members

Public Properties

Name Description
AlternateName Alternate name of the field.
BorderColor Border color of this field.
BorderStyle Border style of this field.
BorderWidth Border width of this field.
Bounds The location and size of this field in the page.
Contents List of the contents set in the field.
ContentType Content type.
ContentValues List of the content values set in the field.
FieldFlags Other flags associated with the field.
FieldType Field type.
FillColor Background color of the field
FillMode Fill mode of this field.
FontName Font name to use for the text of this field
FontSize Font size to use with the text of this field.
GroupId Optional ID if this field is part of a group.
MappingName Mapping name of the field.
MaxLength Maximum length of the field content.
Name Name of the field.
OptionalName Optional name of the field.
PageNumber The 1-based number of the page that owns this field.
Rotation Rotation angle of the field.
SelectedContents The selected contents if this field is a list box.
State State of the field is supported.
TextColor Foreground (text) color of this field.
TextJustification Justification to use for text of this field.
ViewFlags View flags associated with the field.
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