#include "l_bitmap.h"

L_LTANN_API L_INT L_AnnGetToolBarButtonVisible(hwndToolBar, uButton, pfVisible)

HWND hwndToolBar;

window handle for the toolbar

L_UINT uButton;

constant that specifies the tool

L_BOOL *pfVisible;

address of the variable to be updated

Determines whether the specified tool on the annotation toolbar is currently visible.

Parameter Description
hwndToolBar Window handle for the toolbar. You get the window handle when you create the toolbar using the L_AnnCreateToolBar function.
uButton The constant that specifies the tool. The following are possible values:
  Value Meaning
  ANNTOOL_SELECT [0] Selection tool
  ANNTOOL_RECT [2] Rectangle
  ANNTOOL_FREEHAND [7] Freehand line
  ANNTOOL_HILITE [8] Highlight
  ANNTOOL_REDACT [9] Redaction
  ANNTOOL_TEXT [10] Text
  ANNTOOL_NOTE [11] Note
  ANNTOOL_STAMP [12] Stamp
  ANNTOOL_BUTTON [13] Button
  ANNTOOL_HOTSPOT [14] Hot spot
  ANNTOOL_AUDIO [15] Audio clip
  ANNTOOL_RULER [16] Ruler clip
  ANNTOOL_CROSSPRODUCT [17] Cross product
  ANNTOOL_POINT [18] Point
  ANNTOOL_PROTRACTOR [19] Protractor
  ANNTOOL_VIDEO [20] Video
  ANNTOOL_PUSHPIN [21] Pushpin
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_FIRST [29] First rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_APPROVED [29] Approved rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_ASSIGNED [30] Assigned rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_CHECKED [31] Checked rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_CLATPRV [32] Client Attorney Privilege rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_COPY [33] Copy rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_DRAFT [34] Draft rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_EXTENDED [35] Extended rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_FAX [36] Fax rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_FAXED [37] Faxed rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_IMPORTANT [38] Important rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_INVOICE [39] Invoice rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_NOTICE [40] Notice rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_OFFICIAL [41] Official rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_ONFILE [42] Onfile rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_PAID [43] Paid rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_PASSED [44] Passed rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_PENDING [45] Pending rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_PROCESSED [46] Processed rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_RECEIVED [47] Received rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_REJECTED [48] Rejected rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_RELEASE [49] Release rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_SENT [50] Sent rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_SHIPPED [51] Shipped rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_TOPSECRET [52] Top Secret rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_URGENT [53] Urgent rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_VOID [54] Void rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_STAMP_LAST [55] the last rubber stamp
  ANNTOOL_LAST [56] the last tool button
  ANNTOOL_USER [0x0100] the first user defined tool
  ANNTOOL_USERLAST [0x0200] the last allowed user defined tool
pfVisible Address of the variable to be updated with a value indicating whether the specified tool is visible. Possible values are:
  Value Meaning
  TRUE The tool is visible.
  FALSE The tool is not visible.



The function was successful.

< 1

An error occurred. Refer to Return Codes.


When a tool is invisible, other tools in the toolbar are arranged so that no gaps are left, and so that their order is maintained (left-to-right and top-to-bottom, just as text would wrap).

Before calling this function, you must declare a variable of data type L_BOOL. Then, pass the address of the variable in the pfVisible parameter. This function will update the variable with TRUE or FALSE.

Required DLLs and Libraries


For a listing of the exact DLLs and Libraries needed, based on the toolkit version, refer to Files To Be Included With Your Application.


Win32, x64.

See Also


L_AnnCreateToolBar, L_AnnGetToolBarChecked, L_AnnSetToolBarChecked, L_AnnSetToolBarButtonVisible


Annotation Functions: Implementing Automation


Implementing Annotations


Automated User Interface for Annotations


Implementing an Automated Annotation Program


Implementing a Non-automated Annotation Program


Obtaining Annotation Object Information


This example sets the specified button as the current button if it is visible. Otherwise, it returns FALSE.

L_BOOL  AnnGetToolBarButtonVisibleExample(HWND   hwndToolBar, L_UINT uButton , L_INT *nRet) 
   L_BOOL   fVisible; 
   /* See if the specified button is visible */ 
   *nRet = L_AnnGetToolBarButtonVisible(hwndToolBar, uButton, &fVisible); 
   if(*nRet != SUCCESS) 
      return *nRet; 
   /* If it is visible, set it. Otherwise, return FALSE. */ 
   if (fVisible == TRUE) 
      *nRet = L_AnnSetToolBarChecked(hwndToolBar, uButton); 
      if(*nRet != SUCCESS) 
         return *nRet; 

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