C API Function Groups

Raster Image Functions

Creation, Deletion, and Copying

Displaying and Printing

Image Processing

Input and Output


Region Processing

Working with GeoKeys

Vector Image Functions

Getting and Setting Load Options 

Functions Utilizing the VECTOROPTIONS structure
Rasterizing a Vector File

Annotation Functions (Document and Medical Imaging toolkits)

Global Properties

Grouping and Ungrouping Objects


Object Information
Realizing to a Bitmap

Creation, Deletion, and Copying

Displaying and Printing
Input and Output

Object Properties

Size, Position, and Shape


Optimization Functions
Optimizer: Callback Functions

Virtual Printer Functions

Getting LEADTOOLS Virtual Printers
Getting and Setting Printer Specifications
Installing and Uninstalling LEADTOOLS Printers
Locking and Unlocking LEADTOOLS Printers
Registering and Un-registering Callback Functions
Enabling and Disabling Network Printing
Getting and Setting Network Data
Enabling and Disabling Internet Printing
LEADTOOLS Virtual Printers Client Functions 

Support Functions


Version and License Information
ImageList Control
Miscellaneous Functions 

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