typedef struct _DOCWRTHTMOPTIONS 
   L_BOOL bUseBackgroundColor; 
   COLORREF rgbBackground; 
   L_UINT32 uFlags; 

The DOCWRTHTMOPTIONS structure provides information about HTML files.

Member Description
Options Options structure that contains options for HTML format.
Type Value that indicates the HTML document type. Possible values are:
  Value Meaning
  DOCWRTHTMTYPE_IECOMPATIBLE [0] The created document is compatible with Internet Explorer (IE5 and above)
  DOCWRTHTMTYPE_NETSCAPEOMPATIBLE [1] The created document is compatible with Internet Explorer and Netscape
  DOCWRTHTMTYPE_IENETSCAPEOMPATIBLE [2] The created document is compatible with Netscape


FontEmbed Value that indicates the font embedding mode to use when creating an HTML document. Possible values are:
  Value Meaning
  DOCWRTFONTEMBED_NOEMBED [0] Do not embed fonts.
  DOCWRTFONTEMBED_AUTO [1] Embed fonts that are not commonly available with the exception of Licensed Fonts. This is the default value.
  DOCWRTFONTEMBED_FORCE [2] Embed fonts that are not commonly available with Licensed Fonts.
  DOCWRTFONTEMBED_ALL [3] Embed all fonts, including the Licensed Fonts with the document.


bUseBackgroundColor Flag that indicates whether to use the rgbBackground color. Possible values are:
  Value Meaning
  TRUE Use the rgbBackground color as the background color in the created HTML document.
  FALSE Do not use rgbBackground.
rgbBackground Value that specifies the background color of the HTML document. Use only if bUseBackgroundColor is TRUE.
uFlags Flag that indicates the extra options for writing HTML files. Currently there are no flags. This is for future use.


pDOCWRTHTMOPTIONS is a pointer to DOCWRTHTMOPTIONS structure. Generally, where a function parameter type is pDOCWRTHTMOPTIONS, you can declare a DOCWRTHTMOPTIONS variable, update the structure's fields, and pass the variable's address in the parameter. Declaring a pDOCWRTHTMOPTIONS variable is necessary only if your program requires a pointer.

HyperText Markup Language (HTML). HTML is the standard language used to render web page in a web browser. Support for text, tables, CSS and images is provided.

The LEADTOOLS Document Writers support creating HTML documents. The following features are supported:

This structure is used with the L_DocWriterConvert and L_DocWriterInit functions.

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