parent Property


The element in the DOM to which the composed print elements will be appended.


JavaScript Syntax
Object.defineProperty(PrintDocumentOptions.prototype, 'parent', 
   get: function(), 
   set: function(value) 
TypeScript Syntax
parent: HTMLElement; 

Property Value

An HTMLElement that is used in conjunction with AutoOpenBrowserPrint to show the browser's print dialog immediately after preparing print items. The default value is null.


When preparing print with DocumentViewer.Print, print pages are added to DocumentPrintPageData.PageElement until the final product is created through DocumentPrintData.BuildPrintRoot. Then, DocumentPrintData.Root is an element with all the print elements as its descendants. If AutoOpenBrowserPrint is true at the time the print method completes, DocumentViewer.OpenBrowserPrint is called with Parent and DocumentPrintData.Root passed as the first two arguments. If AutoOpenBrowserPrint is false, the user is responsible for calling DocumentViewer.OpenBrowserPrint.

If AutoOpenBrowserPrint is true at the start of DocumentViewer.Print, DocumentViewer.Print will verify that Parent is non-null before it begins rendering the print pages. Otherwise, it does not matter to DocumentViewer.Print what the value of Parent is, as the user will be calling DocumentViewer.OpenBrowserPrint themselves.

For more information, refer to DocumentViewer.Print.


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