createDocumentViewer Method


Creates a new instance of DocumentViewer from the specified options.


JavaScript Syntax
createDocumentViewer = function(createOptions) 
TypeScript Syntax
static createDocumentViewer(createOptions: DocumentViewerCreateOptions): DocumentViewer; 



Options to use when creating the DocumentViewer. This parameter cannot be null

and at least the ViewContainer value must be set to a valid control in the application.

Return Value

The new DocumentViewer object.


This method works as follows:

  1. Commands is created.

  2. The View will be created in ViewContainer.

  3. If ThumbnailsContainer is not null, then Thumbnails will be created and added to it.

  4. Bookmarks will be created.

  5. If UseAnnotations is true, then Annotations is created.

  6. Diagnostics is created.

  7. Finally, the InteractiveSelectText command is run to set this mode as the default interactive mode for the view. Run any other interactive mode commands after this method returns to set the initial mode to a different value, for example, by calling documentViewerInstance.Commands.Run(documentviewercommands.interactiveautopan), null) to set auto-pan as the default interactive mode.

Once the DocumentViewer is created and initialized. You can use it by loading a Document object and calling the SetDocument method to view the document.


For an example, refer to DocumentViewer.


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