isContainerModified Method


Indicates whether the specified page's annotation container has been modified


JavaScript Syntax
DocumentViewerAnnotations.prototype.isContainerModified = function(pageNumber) 
TypeScript Syntax
isContainerModified(pageNumber: number): boolean; 



1-based page number in the document

Return Value

true if the specified page's annotation container has been modified; otherwise, false.


DocumentViewerAnnotations keeps track of all the modifications that occur to the annotation container of the pages after load. For example, when the user edit, adds or deletes or change the properties of the annotation objects.

This state can be used by the application to track when the document becomes "dirty" and save is required.

The state is tracked internally by DocumentViewerAnnotations when the objects are modified using the built-in automation. If the application changes an annotation container directly without using automation, then it is not recorded by the automation and this DocumentViewerAnnotations does not update the internal state.

Use SetContainerModified to mark a container as modified (or clear the state) and IsContainerModified to obtain the current modification state of a container.


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