getDocumentPageText Method


DocumentPageText object of a page.


JavaScript Syntax
DocumentViewerText.prototype.getDocumentPageText = function(pageNumber) 
TypeScript Syntax
getDocumentPageText(pageNumber: number): DocumentPageText; 



Pager number to use. This cannot be 0.

Return Value

A DocumentPageText that contains the text of the page.


DocumentViewerText saves the DocumentPageText items internally when they are obtained. Hence, this method will first check if the value has already been obtained, if so, it will return the cached item. Otherwise, DocumentPage.GetText will be called and the result is stored internally before it is returned.

Calling DocumentPage.GetText might be a slow operation especially if text parsing involves OCR. Therefore, this method will fire the Operation event with DocumentViewerOperation.GetText. The application can intercept this event and show a busy dialog if required.

Refer to AutoGetText for more information.


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