manualStartPosition Property


Indicates where to start finding text when the value of Start is DocumentViewerFindTextStart.ManualPosition.


JavaScript Syntax
Object.defineProperty(DocumentViewerFindText.prototype, 'manualStartPosition', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
TypeScript Syntax
manualStartPosition: DocumentViewerTextPosition; 

Property Value

A DocumentViewerTextPosition object indicating the page number and index of the start of the search. The default value is null, which will cause Start to behave as if it were set to DocumentViewerFindTextStart.BeginPosition.


BeginPosition and EndPosition set the begin and end of the search bounds and the direction of the search, but Start provides the ability to start finding text at a position other than BeginPosition. This would cause the order of results to change, which is useful for SelectFirstResult.

When Start is set to DocumentViewerFindTextStart.ManualPosition, ManualStartPosition is used as the start position for DocumentViewerText.Find, within the bounds of BeginPosition and EndPosition. If ManualStartPosition is null, the search defaults to BeginPosition as the start position.

Use of ManualStartPosition is likely to cause two internal searches:

  1. Search from start to EndPosition.

  2. If start from (1) was not BeginPosition, and FindAll or Loop is true, search from BeginPosition to start – 1.

A -1 can be used as the value of DocumentViewerTextPosition.CharacterIndex to indicate the end of a page. However, if a value other than 0 or -1 is used, DocumentViewerText.Find will check that the DocumentPageText exists before starting the search. If the text for the page does not exist, the find text operation will fail immediately and return no results.

For more information, refer to DocumentViewerText.Find.


For an example, refer to DocumentViewerText.Find.


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