selectedTextToReviewObject Method


Add the selected text items of page to a a text review object.


JavaScript Syntax
DocumentViewerAnnotations.prototype.selectedTextToReviewObject = function(pageNumber, textReviewObject) 
TypeScript Syntax
selectedTextToReviewObject(pageNumber: number, textReviewObject: AnnTextReviewObject): boolean; 



1-based page number to use.


Annotation text review object to use as the target for selected text items. This must not be null.

Return Value

true if the method was successful and the selected text items where added to textReviewObject, otherwise; false.


This method is called by the internal AnnTextReviewObject draw designer when the user creates a new text review object from the current selection.

This methods uses GetSelectedTextItems to get the rectangles of the selected text items and adds them to textReviewObject using SetRectangles.

If textReviewObject is not a child of the AnnContainer object associated with the page then it will be added to the Children collection. This operation will be wrapped by BeginUndo and endUndo will be selected by the automation using SelectObject.

This method fires the Operation event with DocumentViewerOperation.SelectedTextToReviewObject.


Target Platforms

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