text Property


Manages the text operations in this document viewer.


JavaScript Syntax
Object.defineProperty(DocumentViewer.prototype, 'text', 
	get: function() 
TypeScript Syntax
text: DocumentViewerText; // read-only 

Property Value

The DocumentViewerText object that manages the text operations in this document viewer.


This class manages the text operations of the current Document set in the document viewer. The text is treated as a read-only option and cannot be changed. The operations that can be performed includes selecting characters, words or lines using the mouse or touch, highlighting the selected text of the pages, performing free text search in the document using "find", "find next" and "find previous" and exporting the text as a simple string or to the clipboard.

Refer to DocumentViewerText for more information.


For an example, refer to DocumentViewerText.


Target Platforms

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