DocumentViewerFindText Class Properties

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Public Properties

Name Description
<!-- A data property for identification purposes.
<<!--TODO: Indicates whether the view should automatically pan so the found text is visible.
<<!--TODO: Indicates whether text found should be selected and rendered in the view.
<<!--TODO: Indicates whether to automatically search the next page when no more matches are found in the current page.
<<!--TODO: The page number of this find text object.
<<!--TODO: Indicates whether to cycle through the text and pages till a match is found or the original location is reached.
beginPosition Indicates a bound of the Find Text operation.
endPosition Indicates a bound of the Find Text operation.
findAll Indicates whether all matches should be returned between the provided bounds instead of just the first.
loop Indicates whether to loop to the top or bottom of the search bounds to continue finding the first match.
manualStartPosition Indicates where to start finding text when the value of Start is DocumentViewerFindTextStart.ManualPosition.
matchCase Indicates whether to use case matching when searching for text.
renderResults Indicates whether to add the results of this Find Text operation to the list of rendered Find Text results.
selectFirstResult Indicates whether to select and bring the first result of the FindText operation into view.
start Indicates where to start finding text within the bounds of a Find Text operation.
text The text to find.
wholeWordsOnly Indicates whether to match the whole word when searching for text.
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