DocumentViewerAnnotations Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by DocumentViewerAnnotations.

Public Methods

Name Description
dispose Destroys this object and removes it from the page.
groupSelectedObjects Group the selected objects using the specified name.
initialize Initialize the annotation automations used by this DocumentViewerAnnotations.
isContainerModified Indicates whether the specified page's annotation container has been modified
selectedTextToReviewObject Add the selected text items of page to a a text review object.
setContainerModified Mark the specified page's annotation container as being modified.
ungroupSelectedObjects Ungroups the selected object.

Public Properties

Name Description
automation Automation object used by this DocumentViewerAnnotations
automationControl Annotation automation control used with this DocumentViewerAnnotations
automationManager Automation manager object used by this DocumentViewerAnnotations
documentViewer Owner document viewer.
interactiveMode Annotation automation image viewer interactive mode used with this class.
isLoading Indicates whether the control is still loading annotation containers.
renderOnThumbnails Indicates whether the annotation containers should be rendered on the thumbnail control of this document viewer.
useRotateThumbs Indicates whether to show the rotate thumbs of selected annotation objects
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