clearRenderedFoundText Method


Clears the internal list of rendered results from previous calls to Find.


JavaScript Syntax
DocumentViewerText.prototype.clearRenderedFoundText = function() 
TypeScript Syntax
clearRenderedFoundText(): void; 


When DocumentViewerFindText.RenderResults is true and Find completes successfully, the results (if any) of the search will be added to the internal list of results in DocumentViewerText. All results in the internal list will be drawn to the screen with FoundTextFill after ImageViewer.PostRenderItem is called on the ImageViewerItem for each [DocumentViewerPage].

_By default, results are not cleared between calls to Find_, to support multiple find text operations with different bounds and options. For this reason, it is recommended to call ClearRenderedFoundText before each find text operation if you wish to render only that set of results.


For an example, refer to Find.


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