preRun Method


Inform the document viewer that this command is about to run with the specified value.


JavaScript Syntax
DocumentViewerCommand.prototype.preRun = function(documentViewer, value) 
TypeScript Syntax
preRun(documentViewer: DocumentViewer, value: any): boolean; 



Owner document viewer.


The value to be used with the command.

Return Value

true to continue running the command; otherwise, false to abort.


This method informs the document viewer that this command is about to run by creating a new DocumentViewerOperationEventArgs object with DocumentViewerOperation.RunCommand and the command object in data1 in Data2 and IsPostOperation set to false then firing the Operation event.

This informs anyone listening to the event the command is about to run which can be important if the command is slow. For example, to create a wait dialog in the user interface in this case.

The listener can also abort the execution of this command by setting the value of Abort to true. Which will result in this method returning false to the document viewer and the running of this command is canceled.


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