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ForeColor Property (IBarcodeReadOptions)


Gets or sets the barcode foreground (bars or symbol) color used when reading barcodes.


WinRT C#
Leadtools.RasterColor ForeColor {get; set;} 
Property ForeColor As Leadtools.RasterColor 
Leadtools.RasterColor ForeColor {get; set;} 
property Leadtools.RasterColor ForeColor { 
   Leadtools.RasterColor get(); 
   void set (    Leadtools.RasterColor ); 

Property Value

A RasterColor that specifies the barcode foreground (bars or symbol) color to use when searching for barcodes. The default value is "Black" (RGB of #000000).


If the input image is bitonal (B/W), then this value will not be used. The foreground color is always considered to be black (or the foreground color in the image palette) and the background color is always considered to be white (or the background color in the image palette).

When the input image is not bitonal, LEADTOOLS will perform intensity detect operation on the image to convert it to black and white before searching for the barcodes and uses the value of ForeColor and BackColor as the high and low threshold.


This example reads a barcode from an image with specific colors.



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