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DatamatrixSymbolSize Property


Gets or sets the Datamatrix barcode symbol size.


WinRT C#
public Leadtools.Barcode.DatamatrixBarcodeSymbolSize DatamatrixSymbolSize {get; set;} 
Public Property DatamatrixSymbolSize As Leadtools.Barcode.DatamatrixBarcodeSymbolSize 
public Leadtools.Barcode.DatamatrixBarcodeSymbolSize DatamatrixSymbolSize {get; set;} 

Property Value

An DatamatrixBarcodeSymbolSize enumeration member that specifies the Datamatrix barcode symbol size. The default value is DatamatrixBarcodeSymbolSize.AutoSize.


The DatamatrixSymbolSize of a Datamatrix barcode controls how much data the barcode can hold. Generally, you should only be concerned with the value of this property when writing barcodes. LEADTOOLS will automatically find the correct symbol and data size from the barcode itself and populate this property and the data with the correct value. Refer to Datamatrix Barcodes in LEADTOOLS for more information.

In addition to the above, the following symbol sizes can be used when writing a Datamatrix barcode:

Symbol size Description
Auto size (DatamatrixBarcodeSymbolSize.AutoSize)

Uses the minimum required size based on the data inside the barcode (the data set using BarcodeData.SetData)

Fit to bounds (DatamatrixBarcodeSymbolSize.FitToBounds)

Uses as much size to fit the data inside BarcodeData.Bounds.

You can only use the above special Datamatrix barcode symbol sizes when writing a barcode, when reading the Datamatrix barcode back, DatamatrixSymbolSize will be set to one of the other constant values.


For an example, refer to DatamatrixBarcodeData.


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