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Angle Property


Gets the barcode angle in hundredths of degrees.


public int Angle {get;} 
Public ReadOnly Property Angle As Integer 
property int Angle { 
   int get(); 

Property Value

Barcode angle in hundredths of degrees. Possible values range from -18000 to 18000 with two digit precision. To obtain the actual angle value, divide by 100.0 .


A full circle can be detected (from -180 to +180).

It is very useful to detect a document's image skew angle. Use this parameter to correct an image's skew. To do so, provide the angle found to the RotateCommand function to rotate the image in the opposite direction using the negative value of the returned Angle.

The major difference between this value and the value found using the DeskewCommand is that there is no limitation on the barcode angle, i.e. all angles can be detected, where the deskew command is limited to +/- 20 degrees.


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