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Barcode1d Class Members


The following tables list the members exposed by Barcode1d.

Public Constructors

Name Description
Barcode1d Initializes a new instance of the Barcode1d class.

Public Properties

Name Description
AdvancedFlags Gets or sets flags that indicate the linkage bit value for all GS1 Databar (formerly RSS14) types, GS1 Databar (formerly RSS14) truncated type, direction of GS1 Databar (formerly RSS14) stacked, number of GS1 Databar (formerly RSS14) expanded stacked rows for write, and Australian post CIF table for read and write.
Direction Gets or sets flag that indicates the orientation and direction for reading barcodes.
ErrorCheck Enables or disables the use of an error check digit when reading or writing a barcode.
Granularity Gets or sets the number of scanned lines per column to skip when reading a barcode.
MaximumLength Gets or sets the maximum length of a barcode string.
MinimumLength Gets or set the minimum length of a barcode string when searching for a non-fixed length barcode.
OutShowText Indicates whether the barcode string will be shown or not.
StandardFlags Gets or sets flags that indicate the MSI barcode type, Code11 barcode type, and reading speed.
WhiteLines Gets or sets the number of lines of white space above and below the barcode symbol.
XModule Gets or sets the size of the smallest bar element when writing Linear (1D) barcodes.
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