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BarcodeWriteFlags Enumeration


Obsolete: Flags that identify the write processing options.


public enum BarcodeWriteFlags   
Public Enum BarcodeWriteFlags  
public enum class BarcodeWriteFlags   


0x00000000None No write flags will be used.
0x00000010JustifyRight Justify linear barcode symbols to the right side of the window described by BarcodeData.Location property.
0x00000010Truncate Write Truncated PDF417 symbols.
0x00000020JustifyHorizontalCcenter Justify linear barcode symbols to the horizontal center of the window described by BarcodeData.Location property.
0x00000020MessageAppened Write the barcode symbol in the group mode. Used for PDF and MicroPDF.
0x00000040InitializationReader This flag is for backward compatibility and is not used anymore.
0x00000080ColumnRowAsLimits Use column and row values as limits when a PDF or MicroPDF symbol is written.
0x00000100DisableCompression Write Data Matrix symbols without compression.
0x00000100UseXModule1d Indicates that the barcode engine will use XModule as the width of the smallest bar when writing Linear (1D) barcodes, if this flag is not set the engine will calculate the width of the smallest bar in order to fill the specified area.
0x00000200UseColors Write color barcode. The colors are used as the exact bar and space colors for searching for the barcode.
0x00000400Transparent Write barcodes with a transparent background. This is not recommended.
0x00001000Mode128 Enable the use of the code word for Code 128 emulation when writing MicroPDF417 barcodes. Only used with MicroPDF417.
0x00002000Linked Indicates that the MicroPDF417 barcode is linked to a linear symbol that is printed below it. Only used with MicroPDF417.

These values are used when writing Data Matrix, PDF417, MicroPDF417, or QR barcodes.


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