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The Leadtools.Barcode class includes functions to find, read and write barcodes in an image.  

For an outline and description of enumerations and classes, click "Leadtools.Barcode".


Namespace Description
Leadtools.Barcode Outline and description of enumerations, structures, and classes.
Leadtools.Barcode.Deprecated Outline and description of enumerations, structures, and classes.

LEADTOOLS Barcode technology is included in the Barcode Pro, Pro Suite, Document, and Medical toolkits.

Android Support - Support for the Android environment is provided by leadtools.barcode.jar and

  • libleadtools.barcode.datamatrixread.so
  • libleadtools.barcode.datamatrixwrite.so
  • libleadtools.barcode.oned.so
  • libleadtools.barcode.pdfread.so
  • libleadtools.barcode.pdfwrite.so
  • libleadtools.barcode.qrread.so
  • libleadtools.barcode.qrwrite.so
  • libleadtools.barcode.so

iOS / macOS Support - Support for the iOS / macOS environment is provided by Leadtools.Barcode.framework.

WinRT Support - Support for the WinRT environment is provided by Leadtools.Barcode.DLL and Leadtools.Barcode.winmd.

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Leadtools.Barcode Assembly