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Barcode1d Class


Obsolete: This class contains linear (1D) barcode information for reading or writing 1D barcodes.


public class Barcode1d  
Public Class Barcode1d  
public ref class Barcode1d  


The linear (1D) barcodes are not supported in UNICODE text.

A barcode is composed of a start mark, data, and the end mark. Reading barcodes from left to right (setting the Direction property to BarcodeDirectionFlags.LeftToRight value) or from right to left (setting the Direction property to BarcodeDirectionFlags.RightToLeft value) will produce the same result in most cases, because the barcode reader engine recognizes the start and end marks, and handles the data accordingly. For example, if BarcodeDirectionFlags.LeftToRight is used and the user reads barcodes from left to right (the barcode is not rotated), the engine will recognize the start mark first, then the data, and finally the end mark. But if the user reads barcodes from right to left (the barcode is rotated 180 degrees), the engine will first recognize the end mark, then read the (reverse-order) data, and then recognize the start mark. In this case, the engine will flip the data to normal (start/data/end) order.

Type RSS14 is now GS1 Databar. All references to RSS14 now refer to GS1 Databar.

The Linear barcodes are not supported in UNICODE text.

For further information useful to write 1D barcode data, see https://www.leadtools.com/sdk/barcode/1d-chart.


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