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BarcodeData Class Properties


For a list of all members of this type, see BarcodeData members

Public Properties

Name Description
Angle Gets the barcode angle in hundredths of degrees.
Data Specifies the barcode data.
DataCode Returns the MicroPDF417 barcode function code word for Code 128 emulation.
DuplicateCount Gets the total number of barcodes duplicated for the current barcode.
DuplicatedIndex Returns the index of the first barcode that is a duplicate of the specified barcode.
Flags Returns flags used by the Read method.
Group Specifies whether the barcode symbol is a member of a group of symbols.
IndexDuplicate Gets a zero-based index of the next duplicated barcode.
IsDuplicated (Read-only) Gets a value that indicates whether the specified barcode is duplicated.
Location Specifies the barcode location on the image.
SearchType Gets or sets the barcode type to be read or written.
TotalCount Gets the total number of recognized barcodes by calling the Read method.
Unit Gets or sets the unit of measurement for the Location. property.
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