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BarcodeExceptionCode Enumeration


Obsolete: Flags that identify the exception codes.


public enum BarcodeExceptionCode   
Public Enum BarcodeExceptionCode  
public enum class BarcodeExceptionCode   


-1481XModule Invalid XModule value, the value should >= 0.
-1382DllNotFound Bar Code Engine DLL not found.
-1381QrWriteLocked Barcode Write QR is locked.
-1380QrReadLocked Barcode Read QR is locked.
-1375MicroQrWriteLocked Barcode Write Micro QR is locked
-1374MicroQrReadLocked Barcode Read Micro QR is locked
-1373MaxiWriteLocked Barcode Write Maxi is locked
-1372MaxiReadLocked Barcode Read Maxi is locked
-1371AztecWriteLocked Barcode Write Aztec is locked
-1370AztecReadLocked Barcode Read Aztec is locked.
-433DatamatrixWriteLocked Barcode Write Datamatrix is locked.
-432DatamatrixReadLocked Barcode Read Datamatrix is locked.
-431FoundCorrupt Barcode PDF417 symbol is found but cannot be read successfully.
-430PdfWriteLocked Barcode Write PDF is locked.
-429PdfReadLocked Barcode Read PDF is locked.
-428Barcode2dWriteLocked Barcode Write 2D (CodeOne) is locked.
-427Barcode2dReadLocked Barcode Read 2D (CodeOne) is locked.
-426Barcode1dLocked Barcode 1D is locked.
-425Location Invalid barcode area location.
-424StringLength Invalid barcode data string length.
-423LastDuplicated Reached the last duplicated barcode.
-422NotFoundDuplicated No duplicated barcode.
-421NoData Invalid BarcodeData object.
-420Group Invalid barcode group.
-419MultipleMaxCount Invalid multiple max count.
-418Units Invalid barcode measurement unit.
-417NotFound No barcode recognition.
-416InvalidBarcodeString Invalid barcode string for a specified barcode type.
-415ToSmall Barcode string is too small.
-414Height Invalid barcode height.
-413Width Invalid barcode width.
-412TextOutW Invalid barcode text out option.
-411InvalidType Invalid barcode type.
-410DigitCheck Invalid error check digit.

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