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Leadtools.Barcode Enumerations


Overview and description of Leadtools Barcode enumerations.

Enumeration Description
AustralianPost4StateBarcodeCIFEncoding Australian Post 4-State barcode Customer Information Field (CIF) encoding/decoding table
AztecBarcodeSymbolModel Specifies the Aztec Code symbol size.
BarcodeAlignment Horizontal or vertical to use when writing barcodes.
BarcodeExceptionCode Identifies the barcode exception error code
BarcodeImageType Determines the type of barcode image when reading barcodes.
BarcodeOutputTextPosition The text position to use when the data string is written along with the barcode.
BarcodeReaderErrorMode Indicates how to handle errors when reading barcodes.
BarcodeReadSymbologyOperation Current barcode read operation.
BarcodeReadSymbologyStatus Determines the barcode read operation status
BarcodeReturnCheckDigit Return check digit mode to use when reading barcodes.
BarcodeSearchDirection Search direction to use when reading barcodes.
BarcodeSymbology The barcode symbologies supported by LEADTOOLS.
Code11BarcodeCheckDigitType Check digit type to use when reading or writing Code 11 (USD-8) barcodes.
Code128BarcodeTableEncoding Encoding table to use when writing Code 128 barcodes.
DatamatrixBarcodeSymbolSize Specifies the Datamatrix symbol size.
MaxiBarcodeSymbolModel Specifies the encoding mode for Maxi Code symbol.
MicroPDF417BarcodeReadMode MicroPDF417 read mode enumerations.
MicroPDF417BarcodeSymbolSize Symbol size to use when writing MicroPDF417 barcodes.
MicroQRBarcodeSymbolModel Specifies the Micro QR symbol size.
MSIBarcodeModuloType Check digit type to use when reading or writing MSI (Pulse Width Modulated) barcodes.
PDF417BarcodeECCLevel Specifies the PDF417 symbol ECC level.
PDF417BarcodeReadMode PDF417 read modes.
QRBarcodeECCLevel Specifies the QR symbol ECC level.
QRBarcodeSymbolModel Specifies the QR symbol size.
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