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GetBarcodeWriteOptionsType Method


Gets the type name of the barcode write options class associated with a symbology.


WinRT C#
public static string GetBarcodeWriteOptionsType(  
   Leadtools.Barcode.BarcodeSymbology symbology 
Public Shared Function GetBarcodeWriteOptionsType( _ 
   ByVal symbology As Leadtools.Barcode.BarcodeSymbology _ 
) As String 
public static string GetBarcodeWriteOptionsType(  
   Leadtools.Barcode.BarcodeSymbology symbology 
 function Leadtools.Barcode.BarcodeWriter.GetBarcodeWriteOptionsType(  
static String^ GetBarcodeWriteOptionsType(  
   Leadtools.Barcode.BarcodeSymbology symbology 


A BarcodeSymbology enumeration member that specifies the symbology.

Return Value

The type name of the BarcodeWriteOptions derived class that is used by LEADTOOLS when writing barcode of the symbology (or type) specified in symbology.


In LEADTOOLS barcode write support, each BarcodeSymbology (or a group of BarcodeSymbology) is associated with a write options class that is a type derived from BarcodeWriteOptions (the remarks section of this class contains a table that lists all the symbologies and option classes). You can get the type name of the class associated with a certain symbology by using this GetBarcodeWriteOptionsType.

Note that some options classes are shared by more than one symbology, for example, BarcodeSymbology.UPCA and BarcodeSymbology.UPCE both use OneDBarcodeWriteOptions. Hence, passing either of these symbologies to this method will return the same type name.

BarcodeSymbology.Unknown is a special type that is used to instruct the engine to read all barcodes. It does not have an associated write options class and should not be used in this method, otherwise, an exception will be thrown.


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