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The Leadtools.Medical3D assembly provides functionality for rendering and viewing a series of two-dimensional medical images in a three-dimensional space. The LEADTOOLS Medical 3D SDK simplifies the reconstruction techniques for the creation of 3D visual representations.

A three-dimensional view is easier to analyze than the component two-dimensional images. Users can render the object in multiple ways and can select from a wide range of tools that make it easier to view, handle, and manipulate 3D objects. 3D reconstruction allows the visualization of anatomical details which are difficult to evaluate using 2D axial slices alone.

Key Features

LEADTOOLS Medical 3D Features

LEADTOOLS Medical 3D SDK offers programmers the ability to create 3D applications quickly and without having to rely on an advanced knowledge of the 3D field. Developers can add 3D support to their applications with minimal lines of source code. As a result, the class library can be used effectively by both beginner and advanced developers.

The LEADTOOLS Medical 3D SDK simplifies the reconstruction techniques used to create 3D visual representations. The class library offers various mathematical algorithms to generate volumetric (3D) data using a stack of image slices. Support is provided for generating many alternate views of the original data using the various 3D reconstruction techniques (e.g., MPR, VRT, MIP, etc.).

LEADTOOLS support of reconstruction in orthogonal planes allows developers to choose the optimal plane to display anatomical structure. Examining volumetric data saves time by improving the speed of interpretation and recognition.

For large input objects, the 3D toolkit determines a quality-speed trade-off. LEADTOOLS lowers the quality of the 3D object during rotation, then reverts to higher quality rendering after rotation.

The toolkit ships with a Medical Web Viewer solution. This is a complete application with source code for you to customize.

Some examples of common applications that use the LEADTOOLS Medical 3D SDK:

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Leadtools.Medical3D Assembly

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