HardwareCompatible Property

Gets the value that indicates whether the current hardware is capable of running the 3D engine or not.
public static bool HardwareCompatible { get; } 
static property bool HardwareCompatible { 
   bool get(); 

Property Value

true if the current hardware is advanced enough to run the 3D engine, false if any key hardware requirement is missing.

  • It is recommended to test the hardware using this property at the beginning of your application, in order to be sure that your current hardware is capable of running the 3D engine.
using Leadtools; 
using Leadtools.Codecs; 
using Leadtools.MedicalViewer; 
using Leadtools.Medical3D; 
public void Medical3DControlExample() 
   MainForm1 form = new MainForm1(); 
// MainForm1 will be the owner of the medical viewer control. 
class MainForm1 : Form 
   public MainForm1() 
      string DirectXVersion = Medical3DEngine.DirectXVersion; 
      bool IsValidDirectXVersion = Medical3DEngine.IsValidDirectXVersion; 
      bool VertexShaderAvailable = Medical3DEngine.VertexShaderAvailable; 
      bool PixelShaderAvailable = Medical3DEngine.PixelShaderAvailable; 
      int DedicatedGPUMemorySize = Medical3DEngine.DedicatedGPUMemorySize; 
      int SharedGPUMemorySize = Medical3DEngine.SharedGPUMemorySize; 
      int Maximum2DTextureDimension = Medical3DEngine.Maximum2DTextureDimension; 
      int Maximum3DTextureDimension = Medical3DEngine.Maximum3DTextureDimension; 
      bool HardwareShaderAvailable = Medical3DEngine.HardwareShaderAvailable; 
      bool TexturingAvailable = Medical3DEngine.TexturingAvailable; 
      bool TexturingBackBufferAvailable = Medical3DEngine.TexturingBackBufferAvailable; 
      bool BlendingAvailable = Medical3DEngine.BlendingAvailable; 
      bool ZOperationAvailable = Medical3DEngine.ZOperationAvailable; 
      bool HardwareCompatible = Medical3DEngine.HardwareCompatible; 

Target Platforms

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Leadtools.Medical3D Assembly

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