LEAD Video Emboss Filter User Interface

The Emboss Video filter gives the video an embossed or raised look. The effect can be applied to a limited area (rectangle) of the video by changing the "Effect Area" attributes in the property page. The property page is shown in the figure below:

The emboss property page provides a user interface for changing the Emboss Video Effect

Changes will be applied directly to the streaming media with the ability to set them permanently using the Apply button or abandon them by pressing the Cancel button. The OK button has the same effect as the Apply.

Positioning the mouse pointer over a control, displays general information for that control.



Enable check box

Enables/Disables the effect.

Light Angle slider

The light Angle, 0 to 360 degrees, this parameter will control the light direction.

Elevation slider

Elevation angle, 0 to 180 degrees, 0 value will have outer embossing, 180 will have inner embossing effect.

Depth slider

Depth of emboss effect, 1 to 100.

Emboss radio button

If selected, emboss without a bump map.

Bumpmap radio button

If selected, emboss with a bump map.

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