Viewing the LEADTOOLS Storage Server Event Log

To reach the Event Log tab, run the LEADTOOLS Storage Server Manager (<Install Directory>Bin\\Dotnet\\Win32 -> CSStorageServerManagerDemo.exe). When the Storage Server Manager Login dialog appears, enter the LEADTOOLS Storage Server administrator login/password and click Login. The main window of the LEADTOOLS Storage Server Manager then appears. Click the Event Log tab to display the DICOM Server list view and provide detailed information about the events taking place on the LEADTOOLS Storage Server.

The Storage Server Event Log Button is shown in the following figure:

Storage Server Event Log Button

The Event Log tab is shown in the following figure:

Storage Server Event Log Tab

There are many options for manipulating this log. Each of these options are explained below.

DICOM Server event log list view.

List view that displays the event log.

Query Filter group

Queries are formed using the fields in the Query Filter group. The fields in this group trim the results so you can focus on specific issues.

General Group

Lets you search by number, type or server command.

Date group and check box

Select the check box to look at event occurring in the specified time period. You can search by the last number of months, last number of days, or for events that took place during a specific time period.

Clients/Server group

Clients group

Server group

Reading the Event Log

After you finish specifying the query criteria, use the 6 buttons in the bottom right hand corner of the window to load and manipulate the results. Most of the time you perform a Single Query search. Each button is described below.

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