Document Compare Operations

The LEADTOOLS Document Compare library provides programming tools for text-based comparisons between string, DocumentPageText, and LEADDocument objects.

This library can be used to:

Document compares are supported with the following library objects:

Library Member Description
CompareDocument Compares a list of LEADDocument objects.
CompareDocumentPage Compares a list of DocumentPageText objects and maps the results to a DocumentDifference.
CompareText Compares two strings.

For additional features, refer to Leadtools.Document.Compare Introduction.

Cloud Services

Does your application require document recognition or conversion, but its implementation language is preventing you from using LEADTOOLS directly? Consider using the LEADTOOLS Cloud Services Web API instead. It is a high-powered and scalable Web API. Its hassle-free interface can be used to integrate advanced OCR, barcode, MICR, and document conversion into any application.

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