Storage Server System Information Tab

To reach the System Information tab, run the LEADTOOLS Storage Server Manager (<Install Directory>Bin\Dotnet\Win32 -> CSStorageServerManagerDemo.exe). When the Storage Server Manager Login dialog appears, enter the LEADTOOLS Storage Server administrator login/password and click Login. The main window of the LEADTOOLS Storage Server Manager then appears. Click the System Information tab to view a summary of all components involved in running the LEADTOOLS Storage Server.

The Storage Server System Information Button is shown in the following figure:

Storage Server System Information Button

Service Name static button

The service name on which the LEADTOOLS Storage Server runs. Click the service name to open the Windows Services control panel.

System Information button

Click the button to open the Windows System Information console. The console displays a detailed summary and a tree view of all the hardware resources, components, and software environment on the computer.

Uptime static text label

This option displays how long the LEADTOOLS Storage Server has been running.

SQL Server Information tree view

Provides information about the connection between the LEADTOOLS Storage Server and the SQL Server. It is a tree view with separate branches for all of the databases that the LEADTOOLS Storage Server uses.

Modules list view

Lists all of the DLLs and their version numbers that the LEADTOOLS Storage Server uses.

Storage Statistics group

Server Connections group

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