Configuring the LEADTOOLS Storage Server Application using the Control Panel:DICOM Server

The DICOM Server button on the Control Panel of the LEADTOOLS Storage Server main window opens the Server Settings dialog with the DICOM Server branch selected in the tree view. The settings determine how the DICOM Server is set up and operates.

The image below shows Storage Server DICOM Server button:

Storage Server DICOM Server Button

The DICOM Server branch can be expanded to show the following pages:

Settings Page

Displays the settings controlling the listening service for the LEADTOOLS Storage Server.

Storage Server DICOM Server Settings Page

Settings Page Fields

All Client applications must be pointed to the displayed AE title, IP address and Port number

Client Configuration Page

The Client Configuration page displays settings for client communications. It is a list view of the clients that are allowed to communicate with the DICOM server.

Storage Server DICOM Server Client Configuration Page

The following fields are on the Client Configuration page:

Add Client Dialog

Use the Add Client dialog to add clients that can communicate with the server

Storage Server Dicom Server Add Client Dialog

The following fields are on the dialog

Client Information group

Reconnect Port group

Permissions list view

All Patient Updater clients should have Delete and Update permissions if the application is to be fully functional.

Options Page

The Options page displays settings to manage connections, timeout settings and to specify the Temp directory.

Storage Server DICOM Server Options Page

The following fields are on the LEADTOOLS Storage Server Options page:

Networking Page

The Networking page displays networking settings.

Storage Server DICOM Server Network Page

The following fields are on the Networking page:

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