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IAnnObjectRenderer Interface Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method addObject Called by the state annotation rendering engine to add the element for this object.
Public Method getRenderPoints Gets the points that must be rendered for an AnnObject.
Public Method initialize Initializes this object renderer with the specified rendering engine.
Public Method removeObject Called by the state annotation rendering engine to remove the element for this object.
Public Method render Renders an object.
Public Method renderAlignmentTarget Renders highlight rectangle above the bounds of alignment target object when EnableObjectsAlignment is turned on and the object is target alignment.
Public Method renderContent Renders the content of an annotation object.
Public Method renderLocked Renders the lock portion of the object.
Public Method renderRotatePointThumbs Renders the rotation points thumbs of an object.
Public Method renderSelection Renders the selected part of this object if it supports a selection stroke.
Public Method renderThumbs Renders the thumbs of an object.

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