dateFromString Method


Converts a string value to a date time.

dateFromString = function() 
static dateFromString(): System.Object; 



The string value to be parsed to a date.

Return Value

The data value parsed.


DateToString converts a date value to a universal ISO string value. In the .NET platform, this is performed using the "s" format specifier and in the JavaScript platform this is performed using the ToISOString method.

The string value can be converted back to a date using DateFromString.

DateToString and DateFromString can be used to convert a date value to and from a string. The conversion uses a universal ISO time format (the "s" format specifier in .NET and ToISOString in JavaScript).

These methods are used when serializing and de-serializing date values such as when an annotation container is saved or loaded from the disk. the data value is converted to a string during serialization (saving) and then converted back from string during deserialization (loading).

For example, DateToString and DateFromString are used when saving and loading AnnReview.Date values.

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